Community Season 1 – TV Series Review

It was the tail end of a Friday board game night at Bubble Bee Tea Tea House. We were packing up our last board game (I can’t remember its name, but it was a Japanese-themed game of bluffing and assassination), when we began talking about television series.

Dan Harmon was mentioned, followed by Community, a television show he created and produced. The show had an amazing ‘Advanced Dungeons and Dragons’ episode that everyone in the group had watched and loved. Everyone except me.

I felt so left out, that I immediately Googled the show upon getting home that night. Fast forward a month or so later: and I’m now enjoying Season 2 of Community. It’s one of the funniest television series I’ve ever watched. Thank you, board game friends!

Community is an American sitcom about a group of students and teachers enrolled in Greendale Community College. The show is inspired by Harmon’s own experiences as a community college student. It frequently parodies move and TV tropes and clichés, by making use of meta-humor ad pop culture references.


Central characters include Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), a sarcastic, manipulative, and self-confident former lawyer booted from his law firm for having a fake bachelor’s degree; Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), a high school dropout and self-proclaimed anarchist, atheist, and activist who often comes across as hypocritical and pretentious.

There’s also Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), a socially-awkward film student with uncanny knowledge of movies and TV series; and Annie Edison (Alison Brie), a compulsively overachieving former Adderall addict who was unpopular in high school, but is actually seen as extremely attractive and intelligent.

And that’s not even half the band of misfits in Community‘s ensemble cast of characters.

The Community cast as X-Men

I love Community! Watching the show makes me wish I studied in community college back in the day. I think Jeff Winger and his group are the best. I like how they are all odd and awkward in their own ways because these quirks are what make them so amazing.

Among the characters, I connect with Annie the most. Like her, I am an overachiever. In my case, it’s because I didn’t apply myself back in my elementary and high school years, leading to poor grades and summer school.

Back in college, I’d join so many organizations, participate in one extracurricular activity after the next, run for class president and student council, and volunteer to be group leader whenever I got the chance—while studying my ass off in the pursuit of academic excellence.

I never did get those A’s. But B’s are definitely much better than F’s!


I obsess over things I am passionate about to the point of being-off putting especially to non-geeks/nerds and people who don’t know me well. And I can be passionate about a lot of things, often simultaneously.

It’s this connection I—and many others—have with the show that allowed it to run for six seasons despite its low viewership. News is Netflix is producing a Community feature film, which will allow Dan Harmon to give his beloved TV series an epic end.

I loved season 1 of Community and I’m loving season 2 even more. The show’s meta-humor and endless stream of pop culture references is a joy to watch, and I’m looking forward to more.

Coffee Bean and Tea Reads Rating:

5 Beans out of 5
5 Beans out of 5