Marit Larsen – 7 Songs I Love


I still remember. It was the year 2000 when I first heard of M2M, the Norwegian pop duo of Marit Larsen and Marion Raven. I was visiting the United States for the first time and watching a lot of Disney Channel, where a commercial for “M2M and BBMak in Concert” was airing repeatedly.

From the short performance snippets the ad previewed, I already knew I would enjoy their music. I loved their light, sweet, and uplifting vocals. I admired how they wrote their own songs and played their own instruments when performing live. M2M released their debut album “Shades of Purple” that same year, and I became a huge fan.

When M2M released their second album “The Big Room” in 2002, it seemed to me like Marion was singing more lines than Marit. The songs were more rock than pop, more powerful than sweet. The critics loved it, but I—like many other fans—did not. Disappointing sales and lack of support from Atlantic Records contributed to the end of M2M.


It is known that Marion considered signing a solo career contract with Atlantic Records. The press found out before Marit did, and everything else is history. There is too much speculation and not enough facts on the matter, but Marion’s supposed betrayal clearly unraveled the duo’s close-knit friendship.

I was so affected  by what happened that I wrote my sophomore year English class academic research paper on M2M, while listening to their music on loop, as tribute. The non-academic and very niche subject matter of my paper adversely affected by grades. I got an 83 out of 100 in my favorite subject, which didn’t make me feel any better. Soon, I stopped hoping for a comeback of any sort.

This is why Marit’s releasing her first solo album Under the Surface in 2006 totally surprised me. Listening to her music is such a magical experience. It’s like being reunited with a long lost friend. Her music is everything I loved about M2M’s, only much better—lyrics, sound, and all. I can’t help but smile when listening to her songs.

Marit has released several albums, been nominated for and won numerous European music awards since she started her career as a solo artist. I’m slowly collecting vinyl records of her entire discography, and I hope she continues making music forever!

Here are 7 Marit Larsen Songs I Love:

Coming Home
Spark (2011)

Don’t Save Me
Under the Surface (2006)

Under the Surface
Under the Surface (2006)

If a Song Could Get Me You
The Chase (2008)

Have You Ever
Spark (2011)

I’ve Heard Your Love Songs
The Chase (2008)

I Don’t Want to Talk About it
When the Morning Comes (2014)