Escape from Enigma: The Card Game – Unboxing

Introducing Escape from Enigma

This board game looks amazing!

From the guys behind Mystery Manila comes Escape from Enigma, a card game of “strategy, deduction, and deception.” Players attempt to escape a room where they have been trapped by the psychopath Enigma, by searching for the right tool for their escape. Unfortunately, not everyone can leave alive. Only one person may escape, while the remaining players will die. Players must be extra careful as one of their companions may be Enigma himself.

My order took a quick three days to arrive. The box wasn’t wrapped in bubble wrap, but arrived unscathed.

I discovered Escape from Enigma, while browsing the online store of Ludo: Board Game Bar and Cafe. They were selling the game for  for P900, excluding shipping costs. I live in Cebu City. Ludo only had one last copy of the game, but perhaps I could get a discount buying directly from the source. I private messaged the Escape from Enigma Facebook page, and they offered to sell me the game for P499. I’d have to pay P99 for shipping, for a total cost of P598. I’m so glad I sent them that PM!

Escape from Enigma: What’s in the Box?

The game comes with a well-designed easy to read rule book.

Escape from Enigma comes in a simple black notepad sized box. The silver-colored label on my  box was slightly faded in some parts. Probably a small problem with the printing. Not a big deal though.

Aside from a few scratches on the fingerprint token, the others are undamaged.

Inside the box is an accordion-fold rule book, 7 tool tokens, 7 exit cards, and 7 character cards.  The tokens are made of plastic with stickers stuck on either side of them. One of my tokens was scratched, probably from bouncing around the box during shipping. Otherwise, the other tokens look great.

I’m loving the artwork on these cards. Not so much their being super thin.

I’m surprised that the cards are thinner than regular trading cards. They are also large as square beverage coasters, which is interesting. I’m considering laminating them, to make them thicker and more water resistant, but I’m worried they might not fit in the box after. The art on both the tokens and cards are lovely and the print quality is nice.

I really like the coaster size and shape of these cards.

Escape from Enigma: First Impressions

Overall, I’m impressed with how Escape from Enigma: The Card Game looks. The game is designed for 2 to 7 players and can be played in 15 to 20 minutes per round. The rules seem very simple, and I’m excited to try playing with my friends during our next game night.