Killjoys Season 1 – TV Series Review

Title: Killjoys
Creator: Michelle Lovretta
Producers: David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg
Starring: Hannah John-Kament (Dutch), Aaron Ashmore (John Jaqobis), Luke Macfarlane (D’Avin Jaqobis)
Genre: Science Fiction
Number of Episodes: 10

I found out about Killjoys through an article on my Facebook feed. The article compared two simultaneously airing Syfy science-fiction series—Killjoys and Dark Matter. It also compared both shows to Firefly, one of my favorite albeit short-lived sci-fi TV shows of all time. According to the reviewer, both shows were not yet as good as Firefly, but had the potential to be better than it in the long run.

I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoyed watching Killjoys. Its space bounty hunters chasing down and eliminating marks across the galaxy premise is really exciting. And there was plenty of action in the first season, several sequences of which were truly remarkable.

I remember one scene when bounty hunters John and D’avin are pinned down during a gunfight with several men. Dutch, still wearing her red cocktail dress from the party she was attending, sneaks up behind the assailants. She removes her necklace and tosses her golf ball sized necklace beads toward them. The beads quickly transform into spider mines, crawl towards them, and blow them up. Another man attempts to blitz attack her from behind, but she beats him and the two other guys who follow in hand-to-hand combat.

One problem I have with the first season is how the story got really deep, really fast. One episode, the protagonists are going through their weekly bounty hunting adventures, and the next it’s all lore, seriousness, doom, and gloom. This is understandable, since the show’s producers were unsure if Killjoys would be renewed for a second season (It was). But compacting large chunks of story at the tail end of the first season did provide a satisfactory and understandable, though rushed ending. The season could have surely benefited from several more episodes.

Is Killjoys as good as Firefly? I’d have to agree with the critics and say, ‘not yet.’ I was heartbroken when Firefly was discontinued in a way that I wouldn’t have been (not even close!) if Killjoys were given the ax. Still, I greatly enjoyed watching Killjoys. And since Dark Matter was also renewed for a second season—even though Syfy is working on (and has just launched) a new Battlestar Gallactica-level space opera show called The Expanse—now is an amazing time to be a fan of science-fiction TV series.

Coffee Bean and Tea Reads Rating:

4 Beans

4 beans out of 5