Why I Love Collecting Digital Trading Card Art on Neonmob

What is Neonmob?

I learned about Neonmob through a Facebook ad. It featured artworks female characters inspired by characters from the Batman universe. Curious, I clicked on Neonmob website link. I learned that the website allowed users to collect and trade digital art through a trading card format.

Killer Frost.png
“Gotham Masquerade IV” from Gotham Masquerade by Cristina Stefan

Each day, users are given a number of free booster packs they can open. They can select the art series they want to collect cards of, and open booster packs of these series. Each pack usually contains one or two cards, with bonus cards appearing from time to time. Smaller art series usually have one-card booster packs, while bigger series have two-card packs.

Each series comprises of cards with varying rarities, from common cards to extremely rare cards. Common cards are easier to get than rarer ones, and the cards contained in each pack booster pack are random. There are also variant cards. Variants are not part of the core collection—so other users don’t collect them—but they feature different versions (e.g. other color combinations or early drafts) of certain core series works. So I love collecting them!

The Fractal Herbarium series by Tatyana Zabanova has 102 cards of varying rarities…and lots of variants!

Users are encouraged to visit Neonmob daily because unopened free booster packs expire when the day ends. Moreover, each series has only a limited number of free booster packs. Once the free packs are gone, users still have the option of purchasing packs for a small fee. Paid packs are also limited in number, so it is not uncommon for popular art series to run out of both free and paid booster packs.

Trading Digital Art on Neonmob

Trading is on Neonmob is really fun! Users will inevitably end up getting several copies of the same card in an art series. Since you only need one copy for your collection, trading is a great way of getting the cards you need from other collectors.

I’m trying to trade one of my “Fat Birds” from the Objects of My Affection series by Cleonique Hilsaca for two cards from the same artist’s Daydreams series: “Flying Chicks” and “Special Day.” Hopefully, Osiris will notice that there are 300,000 copies of each of her cards in circulation, while there are only 5,200 “Fat Birds” in existence. I think this is a favorable trade for her.

I usually play it safe by trading my extra card of a certain rarity with someone else’s extra card of the same rarity: commons for commons and rares for rares. It gets trickier when I try trading several cards of lower rarity for a single rare card. Sometimes, users are willing to make the trade. More often, they don’t.

It’s also interesting to trade cards from one series for cards from another series. Some series have 10,000 copies of a common card, while other series have only 2,000 copies of a common card. In this case, the smaller series is more valuable than the bigger one. At first, I made some errors by making and accepting trades that were unfair to me. But now I’m much wiser!

Still, I find it enjoyable accepting totally ridiculous trades to make some users happy, especially when the card they request for is the last one they need to complete a certain series. I’ve had my experience begging other users for cards, with mere scraps to offer them in return. Once or twice, generous users were happy to trade.

My Favorite Digital Art on Neonmob

Totoro is love! Here is “Totoro” from Entwined # 1 by Kerry Robinson. I had to trade so many cards for this one rare card. Everyone loves Totoro!

The first digital trading card series I completed on Neonmob was Entwined #1 by Kerry Robinson. I love his simple pencil art style. I also really wanted this Totoro artwork.

I’m fond of collecting fantasy and science-fiction themed art series on the website. For example, I have completed the following series by Cristina Stefan: Gotham Masquerade, Daemon Flowers, and Fallen Faeries. I’ve also completed the EXARION PROJECT: Abandoned series by KeithKarloff.

Here is “EXAS03 HEATWAVE” from the EXARION PROJECT: Abandoned series by KeithKarloff.

I like cute art, like those in the Daydreams and Objects of My Affection series by Cleonique Hilsaca. I also love the Galaxy Headphones series by melody. I’m still trying to trade for two variant cards in that series.

Neonmob allows users to order prints of artworks from certain series. That’s also one of the things I consider when choosing which series to collect. I hope to have some of my favorite works in my collection printed and framed soon!