I am Ready for Much More Star Trek Discovery

I have watched the occasional Star Trek film and television episode, but it wasn’t until Netflix’s Star Trek Discovery that I became a fan. I just finished watching season two, and I love the series now more than ever. I have grown very attached to the characters in Star Trek Discovery, and I find their individual stories and how they interact with each other central to why I like the show so much. The characters I like include Christopher Pike

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LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS: My Favorite Episodes

Created by Tim Miller, LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS is 18-episode animated Netflix series for adults that debuted on March 2019. The first seasons features stand alone episodes all under 20 minutes long. A different team worked on each episode resulting in a variety of stories and animation styles. I absolutely loved the first season as a whole. Anime and science fiction are two things I really enjoy, so watching this was double the fun! I recommend watching the series in

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Black Summer Brings New Life to Zombie Apocalypse TV

It’s Holy Week weekend and I’m searching for a TV series to binge watch on Netflix. I’m about ready to start watching the first season of The OA, when I notice Netflix recommending me a new zombie series–probably because I recently watched and absolutely loved the first season of Kingdom. A quick Google search for Black Summer leads me to the article: Stephen King Raves About New Netflix Series “Black Summer.” The master of horror fiction and one of my

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