Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men: My Favorite Podcast for 2015

Falling in Love with Podcasts

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A screenshot of my Pocket Casts home page, where you can see a selection of podcasts I’ve subscribed to

One of the new things I have tried and grown to love this 2015 is listening to podcasts. Like with many other newcomers to the world of podcasting, my story begins with hearing about and listening to an episode of Serial. Season one of Serial, which debuted in October 2014, delves into the investigation of Hae Min Lee’s murder, and how her boyfriend Adnan Syned was tried and convicted for murdering her. Did he really kill her, or is the murderer still out there somewhere?

The podcast was a huge success, and helped propel podcasting into a more mainstream form of entertainment for many people, including me. Although I have only listened to episode one of Serial, the experience convinced me to pay the Php 100-ish fee and download the Pocket Casts app on my Samsung S3. Yes, I often make impulse decisions like that. Only this time it was worth it.

But, wait a minute. What exactly is a podcast in the first place? For the uninitiated, here is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of a podcast:  “a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.” The kind of podcasts I listen to are mostly the talky ones, spanning anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour in length per episode.

I’ve been listening to podcasts almost daily (usually during lunch break), since I downloaded Pocket Casts. I’ve listened over a dozen different podcasts—and a hundred episodes or so—and I’d like to share with you some of my favorites, so far. Note: I was originally writing this as a top 5 list entry, but I got carried away writing about my favorite!

My 5 Favorite Podcasts for 2015 

My Favorite Podcast for 2015

Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men: Because it’s About Time Someone Did

Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men Pocket Casts Screenshot
A screenshot of Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men playing on my Pocket Casts app

I first listened to Rachel Edidin and Miles Stokes because I love the X-Men, and now I love the X-Men even more because of Rachel and Miles. And it’s not just because Rachel and I share the same favorite X-Man: Cyclops, of course! They both do an uncanny, amazing job of introducing the strangest mutants of them all chronologically. They skip some of the superfluous and overly complex stuff in favor of what essential to understanding the story at a particular moment in time.

They are skilled professional podcasters, who are X-perts on the subject matters they discuss, specifically the X-Men and the comic book industry, where they also work. Funny, passionate, and married, they are a delight to listen to. Moreover, they say Scott and Jean are kind of their couple. Read this tearjerker of a love letter Rachel wrote for Miles on their wedding anniversary: Today. Tomorrow. And Every Day for the Rest of My Life.

In honor of Cyclops, for being part of the greatest romance of the Marvel Universe, his continuously overcoming endless adversities, and his always being so admirably straight-laced and ‘Oh woe is me and my dangerous mutant powers and great leadership responsibilities’ attitude, here is the link to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men episode 7: Cyclops Has a Good Dayyes, Cyclops’s being happy and carefree is definitely an exception worth dedicating an entire episode toAnd here is a link to episode 1 of The Strangest Podcast of Them Allas introduction to what their podcast is all about.

Rachel and Miles also have a video blog (vlog) series called Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, where they review newly released X-Men comics and the like. If you don’t want to go through all that history, or if you’re already an X-pert yourself, you catch up on the latest X-Men news on YouTube. Here’s episode of the vlog series. Enjoy!

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 1 – August 8, 2014
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