My CebuLitFest x Komiket 2019 Haul

It’s my second time going to CebuLitfest x Komiket and I came home with a hoard of art prints and stickers twice as large as last year. Here’s a look at what I bought and why. Do we even need a reason for new merch?

This is my hoard from the Manila-based artists. The postcards and sticker in the middle is from Cheryl J. Owen. Love the fantasy and steampunk elements in her work. I got the other stickers from Fandom Feels PH, Miss Adventures, and StickxPop. Lot’s of geeky and fandom goodness right here: books, TV shows, video games, and more.

It’s so nice to be able to geek out without judgement even if it’s just once a year. Just remember, you shall not pass & bawal umihi ditto!

Last year, I bought several prints from Art by Bred, and this year I bought even more. 2019 is my year for reading Stephen King books, and Art by Bred had art prints featuring two of my favorite King books: “IT” and “The Shining”. Bought six prints and got a free Pennywise sticker!

The other stickers I bought from Bastinuod whose socially relevant works are amazing. This is the second year in a row I bought from this artist too. These new stickers will join my Bastinuod collection on my gaming PC.

The two art prints on the upper right are from Art of Ver Onika, whose prints I used as the front cover of my 2018 Hobonichi so I could see them every time I used my planner. I love the oriental style of her works.

My favorite newly discovered artist of the year is Art Sliced. I love his anime themed bookmarks and art prints. I only know around half of the anime series and movies referenced in his works, but I just want to stare at them all day.

I think the donuts bookmark was referencing Shirobako, so “Don-don donuts, let’s go nuts!” Let your geek flag fly!

Thank you to the Cebu Literary Festival and Komiket for organizing this event.

Shopping at the National Book Store 2019 Book Binge Bazaar

This morning’s downpour couldn’t stop me from going to National Book Store Mango Plaza at 9 a.m. for NBS’s 2019 Book Binge Bazaar. Today’s preview day is exclusive to Laking National cardholders, so I went early in the hopes of finding rare books.

There were already over a dozen people shopping when I arrived. Some of them already had baskets filled with books. Many of the books on display were for children’s, teens, and young adults, but there was a large selection of books for adults as well. However, these books were displayed throughout the store, unlike the books for younger readers which were mostly grouped together.

After going around the store and browsing through all the shelves several times, I noticed that some of the books were not as marked down as others in a way that could be seen as misleading, at first. For example, many of the books have price tags indicating significantly reduced prices. I saw a Brandon Sanderson book being sold for Php 50.00!

However, other books will have price tags indicating their regular prices. The markdown on these books aren’t as big. Most of them will only be 10 or 20 percent off. That’s where the price scanners come in handy.

There are several price scanners stationed throughout the store, so use them if you are interested in a regularly priced book or a book with a markdown that seems to good to be true. And if the scanner won’t work on the book, there are plenty of NBS staff around who would be glad to help you.

That being said, all the books are discounted. So buying at a 10 or 20 percent discount might be worth it for certain books. The Haruki Murakami book I bought was only slightly discounted, but I would have bought it at the regular price, so this was a steal for me!

Meanwhile, I saw a guy grab a copy of Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer like it was the Goblet of Fire only to find out it wasn’t as marked down as he initially thought. Major bummer!

I had a shortlist of more than 20 books I wanted to buy. In the end I bought these 10 books for only Php 2,000.00. The three rightmost books in the photo above is probably worth more than Php 2,000.00 already, so I saved plenty.

Notable books that were heavily marked down, but I already have a copy of include White Teeth by Zadie Smith, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card.

What I love most about this National Book Store book sale is that I saw so many books that I don’t see in NBS on a regular day. Fortunately, some of these niche interest books are the ones I enjoy reading the most. Will definitely come back during the next sale. Who knows what I will find?

Here are more photos of my book haul from the 2019 Binge Book Bazaar:

I’ve always found one or two but never three. Took this as a sign to buy them all.
I bought these books thinking all I was missing was Neuromancer. Turns out Burning Chrome is a stand alone novel and Mona Lisa Overdrive is book three of the Neuromancer trilogy.
Left is on of the few Murakami books I didn’t have in my collection. Watership Down and The Left Hand of Darkness seem very interesting.
The Buffy the Vampire Slayer book is a nostalgia purchase, and the Stephen King Companion is my favorite find of the day!