Pawikan Patrol The Card Game

Pawikan Patrol the Card Game Preview and Unboxing

Front cover of Pawikan Patrol

Pawikan Patrol is a semi-cooperative card game about saving sea turtles (“pawikan” in Tagalog) and their nests from poachers, while cleaning up the beach at the same time.

Made in the Philippines, the game is designed by Mykey Cuento (a.ka. The Tabletop Traveler), illustrated by Patricia Ramos, and published by Ludus Distributors.

The game can be played by one to four players, and a single play through will last around 20 minutes.

Back cover of Pawikan Patrol

You can buy the game at your nearest Neutral Grounds store, but I didn’t get my copy from them.

I am based in Cebu, so I asked Neutral Grounds if I could get the game from them. They said I could pay via bank deposit, but when I asked them how much shipping to Cebu City would cost, they stopped replying. I assume they would have told me if they had stocks in their Cebu branch, so I decided to look for other options.

Fortunately, I was able to order an official copy of the game from Shopee. It only took me a minute to order the game. I was able to pay cash on delivery and use my Shopee coins and a free shipping voucher to offset some of the cost.

There was slight damage to the box when I got the game, but that’s the norm, based on my previous experiences ordering from other Manila-based board game retailers like Gaming Library and Fortress Games.

Two sides of the box are sealed with Pawikan Patrol stickers
The stickers can be easily peeled off, so you can reuse them on your laptop, planner, or journal

I love Pawikan Patrol’s front and back box art. The illustrations are very cute and vibrant. Very kid-friendly. The stickers are really nice too! I was initially going to cut through them with a box cutter, but decided I’d rather stick them on my laptop and planner. They peel of easily and neatly.

Everything is simple and neat inside

Open the box and you will find an accordion fold manual containing all the information you need to play the game. Everything is well-written and well-designed, so it’s easy to understand. The manual also contains advanced rules for solo play, a fully cooperative mode, and a hard mode for added variety.

The front side of the Pawikan Patrol manual
The back side of the Pawikan Patrol Manual

Pawikan Patrol contains 42 playing cards featuring the adorable illustrations of Patricia Ramos, and clear text that is easy to read and understand. Card thickness isn’t the thickest, but it’s very sturdy and at par with the quality you can expect from popular board and card game publishers today.

The cards you can find in Pawikan Patrol

I’m really excited to learn the game, try playing it solo, and with my friends in the Cebu Board Gaming Society. Up to a dozen of us Cebu Board Gamers regularly meet Mondays and Fridays for game nights at The Maxwell Hotel along N. Escario St., Brgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City.

If you’re curious about board games and want to try the hobby out, or if you’re a visitor or traveler looking for people to play with while you’re in Cebu, you’re all welcome to join us.

I’ll post a follow up review of Pawikan Patrol once I’ve played it several times. Thank you for reading!

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