I am Ready for Much More Star Trek Discovery

I have watched the occasional Star Trek film and television episode, but it wasn’t until Netflix’s Star Trek Discovery that I became a fan. I just finished watching season two, and I love the series now more than ever.

I have grown very attached to the characters in Star Trek Discovery, and I find their individual stories and how they interact with each other central to why I like the show so much.

The characters I like include Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), Gabrielle Burnham (Sonjah Sohn), Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp), Sarul (Doug Jones), Spock (Ethan Peck), and Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman). And, of course, who can forget Airiam (Sara Mitch)!

Prior to Episode 9: Project Daedalus, Airiam was mostly a side character existing in the periphery of the show. It’s a testament to the show’s excellent writing, how they managed to make me love the character of Airiam and break my heart in the confines of a single episode. Rest in peace, Airiam. Your sacrifice will always be remembered.

R.I.P. Airiam

This season is when familiar characters Christopher Pike and Spock return to television. I’m not familiar enough to compare the new and old, but I was very invested in the duo and their story arcs in Star Trek Discovery. And I do think Spock looks very different with the beard. I think it works on him.

Another episode I liked was Episode 14: Such Sweet Sorrow. The space battle sequence was so epic, I felt like I was watching a movie rather than a TV show. I recently invested in a pair of Q Acoustic bookshelf speakers and an Onkyo stereo amplifier. The sound production was so good, I found myself increasing the volume to movie theater levels, until my grandparents started banging on my door and yelling at me to turn it down.

I really hope season 3 is coming soon, and that there are many more seasons of Star Trek Discovery to come. I’m not even entertaining the possibility that the show will be cancelled. Please don’t let it be cancelled!

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