LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS: My Favorite Episodes

Created by Tim Miller, LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS is 18-episode animated Netflix series for adults that debuted on March 2019.

The first seasons features stand alone episodes all under 20 minutes long. A different team worked on each episode resulting in a variety of stories and animation styles.

I absolutely loved the first season as a whole. Anime and science fiction are two things I really enjoy, so watching this was double the fun!

I recommend watching the series in chronological order as there are lighter episodes interspersed between the heavier ones. It might be a good idea to spit your enjoyment into several viewing sessions to avoid information and sensory overload.

If you plan to watch the show, here are some of my favorite episodes from Love, Death + Robots:

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  • Sonnie’s Edge – The first episode of the series is violent and visually stunning. It features blood and sex. Also, an epic monster versus monster gladiatorial battle. Definitely a great way to start the show.
Watch Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
  • Three Robots – Three adorable robots feature in the funniest and most lighthearted episode of the series. No sex or violence here. Just lovely comedic banter between post apocalyptic buddies.
Watch Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
  • Lucky 13 – A story about a pilot’s love for her aircraft. Once considered unlucky, the ship becomes this pilot’s Lucky 13 as she flies in various missions against the alien army.
Watch Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
  • The Witness – Featuring a man and woman seemingly stuck in a perpetual time loop this episode is one of favorites in terms of concept. However, the gratuitous sex and violence in this episode makes it one of the disliked in the series.
Watch Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
  • Beyond the Aquila Rift – The hyper realistic animation in this episodes lends to the dilemma a spaceship captain and his crew face when they are forced to question what is and isn’t real.
Watch Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
  • Suits – Fans of the Borderlands video game franchise will feel right at home in this episode that seems like an ultra-high budget Borderlands cut scene. They can literally hire the team behind this episode and hire them to produce an animated series for the franchise. Fans of tower defense games will love this episode too!
Watch Love, Death + Robots on Netflix
  • Zima Blue – This is the essential episode of the series. Thought-provoking and down to earth, it is the opposite of most of supercharged action and sex laden content prevalent in the series. This episode shows that despite advancements in animation technology that allow creators to manufacture feasts for the senses, what matters most is masterful storytelling.

There are many more amazing episodes of Love, Death + Robots. Actually, the only one I disliked was Episode 17: Alternate Histories, which shows Hilters from different multiverses dying repeatedly in comical ways. The episode was too corny for me.

Otherwise, I think the series is a must watch if you’re a fan of anime, science fiction, and great storytelling.

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