TWSBI Eco: My First Fountain Pen

I’ve always been fascinated by pen and paper. An influence of my fondness for reading and writing. I enjoy browsing through and buying items from stationery and arts and crafts stores here and abroad. I don’t buy a whole lot of stuff, usually just a notebook here and there. That’s why I was delighted to learn that Scribe Writing Essentials just opened a new branch at Ayala Center Cebu.

I already frequented Scribe back when I worked in Makati a few years ago. The temptation would hit me each time I visited their stores. I wanted to buy my very own fountain pen. I had no idea how to use a fountain pen. I definitely didn’t need one. But I could feel the desire tugging at my heart and soul.

Price and proximity were the two remaining things holding me back. When Scribe offered a 10 percent discount to celebrate the opening of its newest store in Cebu, I couldn’t resist! I watched some YouTube videos for advice on entry level fountain pens, and these pens topped the lists: the Faber Castell LOOM, Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, and TWSBI Eco.

The TWSBI Eco in its minimalist packaging

The TWSBI fountain pen caught my attention the most. I like its opaque white plastic box packaging because it looks exactly like those pencil cases from Muji. I love how the pen looks very clean and minimalist. Even its name, the ‘Eco,’ sounds right to me. Reviewers say the Eco is minimalist, budget-friendly, and writes great. I was convinced.

I recalled seeing TWSBI pens on Scribe’s official website. After confirming they do sell the pen, I visited their new store that same afternoon. They had yet to set up their pen display, but the ladies at the counter happily look through the boxes they were unpacking.

My TWSBI Eco loaded with Pekikan 4001 fountain pen ink

They had the TWSBI Eco in black, white, and lime green. They were also available in various nib sizes. I chose the white pen, and got the medium nib because reviewers recommended it over the finer ones. That’s how I bought my very first fountain pen.

Samples of my writing with the Eco

I also bought a bottle of Pelikan 4001 brilliant black fountain pen ink. It was a bit of a misadventure loading the ink into the pen. Again, YouTube saved my life. I’m also getting used to writing with a fountain pen, but my handwriting has significantly improved as a result. Writing cursive has never been more fun!


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