Books, coffee, and cake too!

Welcome to Coffee Bean and Tea Reads

Hello, and welcome to Coffee Bean and Tea Reads!

Originally envisioned as yet another book blog (I’ve tried my hand at a couple of book blogs in the past, CBTR will be much broader in terms of concept and content. When conceptualizing this blog, I thought to myself: “What are the things I love?” Books immediately came to mind—as did coffee and tea—which often accompany me during my reading sessions.

But tons of other things popped into my head too. My favorite video games, TV series, movies, and music. My new-found love for podcasts and comics. The more I delved into the specifics of my likes, the more I realized how much depth there was to them, and how they crossed boundaries from the mainstream and the incredibly niche.

For example: I like movies in general, but I have a specific obsession with very dark-themed Korean movies like The Vengeance Trilogy. I also enjoy samurai movies like Azumi and Japanese animated films like Paprika . I love listening to mainstream K-pop music from groups like Girls’ Generation, but I also adore indie K-pop music by Standing EGG, especially from their album Ballad with Windy .

That’s why I want to share the love, and write about the things that interest me in my blog. Who knows? You or someone else might discover something new and interesting while reading CBTR.

Coffee Bean and Tea Reads is a play on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a coffee shop I love because it serves delicious vanilla-based drinks. I love reading books in CBTL because of it’s laid-back atmosphere and great music (I’m listening to a Coffee Bean playlist on Spotify while writing this).

Why I love Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Why I love Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

In fact, I wanted the name—or something similar—so much that I almost bought the URL Coffee Beans and Tea Reads, which sounds really awkward to me. Good thing I double-checked before buying the URL. Coffee Bean and Tea Reads, which was unavailable the night before, was miraculously available for purchase. I saw the sign. I followed it, and here we are now.


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